Transform your organization with Pedagoo, our self-publishing platform

Pedagoo is a self-publishing assessment tool designed to facilitate companies, educational institutions, certification organizations, recruitment agencies and many more to easily create knowledge assessments and practice tests, which are optimised as to improve the capabilities of all its users.

With Pedagoo the learning process is quick and effective and it’s powered by explanations of each question created via the platform.

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Continuous learning

Introduce continuous learning in your organization and help reduce the time needed for interiorisation and change management within your team with our technology. 

You can evaluate and train continuously the knowledge of your employees in any area, validate the progress of your career plans or even include formal tests to measure your corporate compliance or existing quality control norms and procedures.


Transform paper to digital

We will help you transform your education center by moving all your exam questions, evaluations and assessments from paper to digital. Your teachers will be able to share questions and existing exams within the organization and also analyse the results in each of their classes  in an automated way using our analytical reports.


Create your official practical tests

Provide your organization with your own official practical tests to help your candidates through their certification journey, preparing them for the exam day by increasing their confidence.

Our technology allows candidates to configure each test launch, detect their areas of improvement and continue learning using the available explanations section.


Optimise your selection process

Evaluate your candidates’ technical knowledge by creating your own questions and combining them with the available database of more than 18,000 existing MeasureUp®️ questions. We will help you select the ideal candidate, reducing the management time in the selection processes of your new incorporations.

A family of innovative assessment solutions that will help you grow

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Editors, reviewers, editors and all those involved in the content creation flow ... this is your new ally.

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Have you ever wanted to be able to create your assessment tests almost instantaneously? Now you can do that and more.

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From small academies to large corporations, you can manage every aspect of your full evaluation process.

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More than just configuration of a profile. You can manage any structure your organization requires.

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All the functions you need for your preparation process, easy to use and to the point.

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Probably the MOST prestigious ICT database, and with a catalog of more than 18,000 questions, completely at your disposal.

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